The UltaView Platform

Remote Video Telecommunication

4k 360 degree video streaming with virtually zero latency. Observe and navigate remotely with ease.

AI Object Detection

Detect Objects or Humans on remote operation or automated missions with over 100 known object categories!

Remote Robot Teleoperation

Control any compatible robot or drone platform from one unified software platform and service.

Asset Tracking

Track any assets or known objects with ease across multiple robots and multiple missions!


Configure automated alerts based on AI and mission information from your robot and drone assets

Automated Missions

Plan complex missions and patrols in minutes that the robots can repeat and complete tasks on a schedule or when needed.

Who We Are

Common Objects is a company that focuses on building our industry-leading technology into usable and deployable solutions in the field of robotics. Leveraging our technology in remote access, control, cameras, and sensors, Common Objects levels the robotics playing field, bringing robotics beyond novel or niche uses and into the trenches.

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